We believe in people and their inherent power to positively effect the organisations they work in.

We believe that culture and values should be measurable and tangible so they're managed effectively.


We definitively measure company values and culture targets over time.
What gets measured - gets managed!

Our Culture Journey supercharges staff engagement and productivity, also reducing staff turnover and absenteeism.
Both improving your bottom line.

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What People Say

“Paul and his team offer a structured, collaborative process for companies and teams to determine their own cultural journey”

Dave Glass CEO @ Electrum Payments

“It was extremely valuable how, with lightness and fun, the deep unconscious of the business was brought to light where it could be harnessed.”

Jerome Davis CEO @ Eco Pools

“You have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values.                     

Jeff Weiner CEO @ LinkedIn

“It was a great way to team build and get the management on the same page. Great workshop format.”

Neil Ismay CEO @ Quick Tint

“The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company.”

Howard Schultz CEO @ Starbucks

“We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to.”

Tony Hsieh CEO @ Zappos

“Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”                     

Anne M. Mulcahy former CEO @ Xerox

"Winspire People managed to bring everyone together to generate a set of values that we can work into our company DNA."
Dave Glass – CEO @ Electrum

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  • Working the Remote Workplace

    Working the Remote Workplace

    In this new era of remote and hybrid working in the digital workplace, how can companies keep their hard-won organisational culture healthy and productivity high? Why is this important? According to a Glassdoor survey, 56% of employees find a good workplace culture to be more important than salary. However, when employees work remotely, building or […]Read More »