“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,  
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values,  
  Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi


As a culture consultancy we leverage company culture and its primary value drivers (*Super Values) to improve performance.

Our 3-Step Culture Journey supercharges staff productivity and reduces churn and absenteeism, improving the bottom line.

We do this by clearly measuring company values and culture over time.
"What gets measured, gets managed."


  • Build a Supercharged company culture that inspires and engages employees

  • Numerically measure values and track culture targets

  • Instill values that achieve the vision and strategy

  • Develop values leaders in immersive outdoor experiences

  • Save money by reducing staff turnover and downtime

  • Employ a competitive advantage by retaining and hiring values-aligned people

Who Are We ?

We cultivate ‘Work Inspired People’ – so focus on inspiring employees to greater levels of engagement through values alignment.

We recognise the critical magnitude of leveraging values in the workplace that inspire rather than motivate short-term.

We understand firsthand how it feels to be engaged and aligned with a company’s values and conversely to be disengaged.

We exist to supercharge organisational culture and support people in the workplace to become work inspired.


We believe in the value of knowing our values and truly living them.
We don’t do lip service or fluffy intangibles.

The Super Values we live by:
  • We make a difference to those we connect with
  • We are authentic and true to our values
  • We approach life with playfulness and humour
  • We care about and believe in people
  • We simplify the complex so clarity is gained


The integration of a company's values define its culture, which critically outlines how engaged employees are.

SA Employees not engaged
      Revenue increase from only a 5% growth in engagement (Aon)
Leaders that think having an engagement strategy impacts success
Leaders that don't have any engagement strategy

Paul Waldeck

Paul is an excellent facilitator and was able to extract our values very effectively
Dave Glass - CEO @ Electrum


I believe in business and its influence to empower people to greatness.
For that reason, I’m inspired to be a culture catalyst - to positively develop people in the workplace.

Why: As a business graduate (Bcom, MScIB) and a manager for two decades; I experienced the highs of being enlivened by a company’s culture, and the lows of being completely disengaged from a company’s cultural vision.
I realised the key ingredient to my level of engagement was how well my personal values aligned with the company’s culture.

How: Through firsthand experience and years of hands-on consulting; I uncovered that even though people's values may differ from their company’s culture, it doesn't mean they're disconnected or helpless. There are actually multiple bridges to connect and inspire people to greater engagement, through a process of deliberate culture building and values alignment. Which is WHY Winspire People exists.