Inspired Services

Strategic Direction

Clarify the company’s vision and strategic objectives in a 1-page outline.
1 day workshop

Supercharge Culture

The Winspire - 3 step Culture Journey

1. Culture Discovery

Identify the company culture and top 5 Super Values

2. Values Leadership

Empower leadership to be custodians and live the company culture

3. Values Alignments

Align employees’ values with the company culture

Culture Analytics

Cultural DNA analytics & measurement.
“What gets measured, gets managed”


Supercharge Staff Communication

Engaging 90 minute workshop with practical take-home tools

Culture Change Training & Team Building

Engaging outdoor training facilitation, highlighting values and communication

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Public speaking and education on:
  • Company Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Staff Retention

Performance Management

Affordable performance management software & support (measure productivity)